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Ritzy Rubber Base Gel - FASHIONISTA 15

Ritzy Rubber Base Gel - FASHIONISTA 15

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Fashionista 15 is a cool and chic lilac shade of Ritzy Nails Rubber Base. Absolutely unique.

 Ritzy Nails Rubber Base 
is a revolutionary development of Ritzy Nails TM .

It is a perfect base gel with a zero lifting formulation.  Extra durable, flexible and self-leveling.
Apply Ritzy Nails Dehydrator (Step1) and Ritzy Nails EXPERT Primer (Step 2) prior to rubber base for a perfect adhesion and long-lasting results.

Curing time: LED lamp (48W) 45-60 sec. / UV lamp (36W) – 2 min.

Apply Ritzy Lac or just cover it with any Ritzy Nails Top Gel

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