Collection: Mack’s Lux Paint Gel

Lux Paint Gel is an exclusive range of colors, created according to the most modern technology at the moment. Extremely pigmented consistency, an easy application from a single layer applied very thin, it is very economical!!! This range of colors is truly a breakthrough for a nail technicians. These colors can be used to apply the entire nail, to do the French Tip, to various paintings such as micro painting, "One Stroke", "Zhostovo", abstraction and floristry, etc. No sticky layer.



  • Extremely high pigmentation;
  • Doesn’t flow;
  • Suitable for all gel painting techniques;
  • No sticky layer;
  • Wide range of colors;
  • Compact, smart packing! Small 5ml pots won’t take much space and will look tidy!
  • Cure 1 minute in LED lamp, 2 min in UV lamp.