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Ritzy Rubber Base - MILKY WHITE 11

Ritzy Rubber Base - MILKY WHITE 11

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Rubber base Milky White 11  is all in one product. Ideal and universal !

It is an ideal background for all pastel, neon and milky white colours. Brighter and stronger  gel polish colour with only one layer if applied over Ritzy Nails Milky White 11 Base.  Absolutely perfect if used as a manicure gel for a natural nail overlay.

Our Top seller!

Ritzy Nails Rubber Base 
is a revolutionary development of Ritzy Nails TM .

It is a perfect base gel with a zero lifting formulation.  Extra durable, flexible and self-leveling.

Apply Ritzy Nails Dehydrator (Step1) and Ritzy Nails EXPERT Primer (Step 2) prior to rubber base for a perfect adhesion and long-lasting results.

Curing time: LED lamp (48W) 45-60 sec. / UV lamp (36W) – 2 min.

Contents: 15 ml

Ritzy Nails Rubber Base is just perfect product with “0 lifting” formulation.

• Super strong base!
• Sculpturing base;
• Lasts up to 6 weeks.
• Soak-off.
• No lifting!
• No chipping!

And now we definitely have shades that would match any skin tone:
✅ 04 Porcelain Beige
✅ 05 Pink Powder
✅ 07 Vanilla
✅ 08 Pink Elegance
✅ 09 Toffee Cream
✅ 11 Milky White
✅ 19 Nude Pink
✅20 Nude Beige
✅ Opal
✅ Pearl dust Pink
✅ Pearl dust Beige
✅ Clear

It can be used for:
✔️ As a base layer for gel nails/refills!
✔️ Base for gel polishes;
✔️ Base color for French Tip Manicure!
✔️ Or by itself, as a natural nail overlay!

Did you tried it yet?! We just love it! 😍

How to use:

1. Natural preparation  - cuticle work, buffing.

2.  Rubber base (clear, pink or beige)  use as base for gel polish (2 min UV light , 40 sec 36W LED)

3. Gel Polish or Gel Paint color if requested.    

4. Rubber Top  (2 min UV Light, 40 sec 36W LED)

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