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Ritzy Nails Prep Dehydrator 12ml

Ritzy Nails Prep Dehydrator 12ml

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New Ritzy Nails Dehydrator PREP STEP is with antiseptic and antifungal properties!
• To be used as a first step after buffing and preparing the plate.
• Strong degreasing product for the natural nail plate.
• Balances the nail plate PH level.
• Doesn't need to be cured in the lamp.


Contents: 12 ml

Dehydration is a bonding step which prepares the natural nail surface with the end goal of better adhesion. It dissolves the oils in the nail allowing for a more desirable nail surface. 

When should you be using a Dehydrator? 
-Before gel polish
- Before UV/LED Gels
- Before Acrylics


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