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Mack’s Polyacryl - Dark Pink 50g

Mack’s Polyacryl - Dark Pink 50g

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PolyAcryl is a mix between Gel and Acrylic. It has the elasticity of Gel and the hardness of acrylic. This product has the consistency of a polymer paste and is modeled as acrylic - pressing and smoothing. It is necessary to clean the brush during modeling, which will be done with the cleaner to remove the state of dispersion.
The acrygel is polymerized in the LED lamp for 60 sec, the UV lamp is not recommended for this product. It can be modeled in a single layer with a single ball in the case of nails of short and medium lengths, in 2-3 stages for nails of extreme shapes.
It has an extremely high resistance, it is a last generation gel!

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