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The newest Flawless tweezers have been specially designed for mega volume lashes. With a longer foot and broader surface along the body, the mega volume. The mega volume tweezers perform wherever you prefer to hold eyelash extensions in the tweezers or using finger rolling technique. These tweezers promises mega hold for mega volume lashes.

How can I use it

Because of the wider surface, you can hold the fanned out multiple volume lash extensions with different part of tweezers foot. Closer to the tweezers foot, in the middle, or picking up Volume fan with the tip of the tweezers! These tweezers are recommended for mega volume eyelashes. In our tests, our artists loved these tweezers. Because they can pick up the finest multiple eyelash extensions (even 0.03 and 0.05 thickness) with the most precision.

What’s more

These tweezers are similar to our 90 angle tweezers, but features a longer foot.

Lash artists approved! Our trainers have been trialling these tweezers for a while. They say that these new Flawless range tweezers-  new favourite!

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