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Mack’s Builder Cover Base - Shimmer Powder 38

Mack’s Builder Cover Base - Shimmer Powder 38

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BASE coat with pigment. Ideal for french manicures. 

Cure 1 minute to LED lamp (36w)

Rubber Base Cover is a collection of rubber base that contains natural pigment similar to nail plate, with glitter or milky. This collection is designed to camouflage the nail plate, is rubberized and combines only with colors and rubber finishes. It is applied in 1-2 layers, it is allowed to make a miniapex or blister, it can be stretched very little on the template to repair a nail. It cures in a UV-LED lamp 10-60 sec. depending on the thickness of the applied layer. It can be used as a base under French or as a color. It has good adhesion, but it is still recommended to use Rubber base Clear for the protection of the pigment nail plate.


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