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Mack’s Fiber Builder Gel - Sherbet Guava

Mack’s Fiber Builder Gel - Sherbet Guava

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Fiber gel is a last generation product that combines all the qualities of an ideal gel for beginners and technicians with work experience.
It is the most resistant Cover and Clear self-leveling gel ever created. It is very resistant in time and hard due to the rubber fibers in its component. It is very pigmented due to its unique formula. It is builder and self-leveling, pigmented and resistant, it can be used by a skilled technician as well as a beginner. It doesn't burn very much in the lamp due to the density of the pigment in its composition and the rubber fibers. The average polymerization time is 60 seconds, but it can vary depending on the thickness, length of the nail and the lamp, the working regime you use. It lasts until the next maintenance without any trace of damage.

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