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Mack’s Builder Gel - Powder Pink

Mack’s Builder Gel - Powder Pink

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Mack’s Builder Gels is a new generation, medium thickness, single phase construction gels with incredible strength, self leveling properties and superior quality!

Its an ideal for application over nail tips or on forms, for repair and refill! It’s very resistant, easy to shape, does not flow in to the cuticle, perfect for the technique without filing. Has a heat spike, but using “Low Heat Mode” button on your lamp, you don’t feel any discomfort!

For better adhesion use Mack’s Rubber Base.

Colors: clear; clear pink; white; milky; light/natural/nude/pink; shimmer pink.

Collection: Aqua Clear; Violet Glass; Asiatic Lily; Beige Cream; Peach Cream; Powder Pink; Satin Pink; Shadow Pink; Blossom Pink; Bubble Pink; Blush Pink; Caramel; Divine Pink; Glamour Pink; Lavender; Shimmer Satin; Nude Pink; Milky White.

Size: 5g (Test Size); 15ml; 50ml;

Cure: minimum 36w UV/LED Light.



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