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Mack’s Base Cover - Zephyr Pink 15

Mack’s Base Cover - Zephyr Pink 15

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Base Cover is a collection of rubber bases, that contain natural pigment similar to the nail plate, with glitter or milky.
✅This collection is intended for camouflage the nail plate, it is rubberized and can only be combined with rubberized colors and finishes.
✅ It is applied in 1-2 layers, you can make a mini apex.  
✅You can make a little extension to repair a nail.
✅ It is polymerized in the UV-LED lamp for 10-60 sec, depending on the thickness of the applied layer.
✅ It can be used as a base under French or as color. 
✅ It has good adhesion, but it is still recommended to use Rubber base Clear for the protection of the pigment nail plate.

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