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Product benefits:

  • Instantly cures
  • No more fumes for 24 hours
  • Clients eyes considerably less irritated after the treatment 
  • Increases your eyelash retention by up to 30%
  • Adds elasticity to adhesive bonding points making them less likely to break and extension to fall
  • Shortens the time needed for infills as more eyelash extensions remain
  • Makes Nanomister/Nebulizer obsolete
  • Instant Cure gives you an advantage over your competitors, as your treatments take less time, which means that you can see more clients and increase your sales
  • Less time on eyelash infill appointments
  • Gone are the days of clients having to wait 24-hours before wetting their lashes. They don’t have to put their lives on hold for their lashes, thanks  to Instant Cure! Clients can use the shower or be in heated environments immediately after treatment, without concern. 

How to use Instant Cure

  1. Wait 2 minutes after finishing your lash application to avoid shock polymerisation
  2. Squeeze one small drop of Instant Cure onto a micro brush or disposable glue ring. 
  3. Dip micro brush into the solution. We advise to dab micro brush onto tissue, so the solution doesn't run into the eyes.
  4. Wipe over bonding points from the top and then from the bottom (by lifting lashes). You do not need to soak bonding points.
  5. Wait until dry and brush lashes to fluff them up.
  6. 3 minutes after Instant Cure has dried, the client can wash their lashes. This is recommended in order to get rid of any vapours that have fallen around the eyes during the treatment. You do not need to use a Nanomister/Nebuliser as Instant Cure has finalised the treatment for you!


Aqua / Sodium Chloride, Ethyl Methacrylate, CI60725, Parfum, Benzyl Alcohol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool