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Are you frustrated when your eyelash extension glue adhesive takes a long time to dry? 

We know that the struggle can be real! If your room humidity always low, always best to use adhesive designed for these conditions. Which is why our Fame adhesive will be your best friend!

Key info:

Lash artist experience


Drying time



Very strong

Room humidity


Room temperature









Sealed foil pouch

Main ingredient


How to use?

Always adjust amount of adhesive you pick up according to the environment:

  • If humidity is 10-30% and temp 20-22°c: glue will dry as described
  • If humidity is 30-40% and temp 20-22°c: the glue will dry slightly faster
  • If humidity 40-50% and temp 20-22°c: glue will dry fast (0.5 seconds)
  • If humidity is 50% and above, and temp is 22° and above: glue will dry extremely fast (so follow our tips and tricks for picking up more adhesive)


If you are a newly trained eyelash artist, or your humidity and room temp are high, remember that quick-drying adhesives will dry even quicker than the descriptions state. You need to understand how to control the room temperature, in order to get the best out of the product and the best results. 

Use a dehumidifier if the humidity is high, and a humidifier if too low. Always have a hygrometer in the room you are working in, as the environment in the same room can change throughout the day. 

If you don’t shake the glue well, it can slow the speed of drying, as the components will not mix well. To help with this, we would recommend using glue pinsand fully turning the bottle upside down, and shaking for one minute at a minimum.

If you are working in really low humidity, you can use an eyelash glue accelerator to increase the speed of the drying time. 

When doing Russian volume eyelash extensions, you will need to be aware of the amount of glue that you pick up, in relation to the thickness of the lashes. To prevent your volume fans closing, eyelash diameter plays a very big role. If you are using thicker eyelash extensions (0.06- 0.07), you need to pick up slightly more lash glue adhesive. If you are using 0.05 eyelashes and thinner, you will need to pick up less lash glue. If you are still having problems with your volume fans closing, we would recommend using Flawless Volumizer

How to store:

Once opened, store in a cool, dry room. Keep glue bottle tightly closed in upright position in original packaging including silica bag. Shelf life is 8 - 12 weeks from bottle opening. However, we recommend you dispose of adhesive after 4 weeks of opening, if you are styling 4-6 clients per day.

Unopened adhesive, stored correctly, can be kept for 6 months from the manufacture date. See bottom of bottle for manufacture and expiry dates.

For more eyelash tips and tricks, visit our YouTubeand Instagram.