Brush №6/MP2SK-6

Brush №6/MP2SK-6

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Brush № 6 (MP2SK-6)

● Hair type - synthetic, similar to Kolinsky

● Brush length - 18.9 cm

● Hair length - 11 mm by 6mm

● Brush shape - square

● Use - gel modeling, application of the base , applying the top, applying the colors, perfecting the smile line in French

● For the material - gel, gel lac, color gel, color paste, gel paint, acrylic paints, gouache…

● Care - wipe with a dry paper napkin, less often will clean with a cleaner

● Storage - horizontally, in a cool and dark place where sunlight and ultraviolet light do not penetrate, nor should LED light penetrate. It is recommended to keep in the brush holder.