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BrillBird Ink Nail art drops - Yellow

BrillBird Ink Nail art drops - Yellow

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Try the new Nail Art Drops decoration technique. Nail Art Drops is a thin liquid that you can apply with the brush in smaller or larger drops on the surface of the nail, and create and contour with it. By combining the 3 basic colors, you can create many more colors and shades.

Usage: After applying and applying two coats of color to the usual prepared nail, apply an extra top coat to the nail, matting it back with a buffer, and then apply Nail Art Drops on any surface. Cleaner, Primer, Acryl Remover can be used as auxiliary fluid to further shape the sample. After air drying, the sample is covered with Extra Top lightly. Make sure you use as little brush strokes as possible to avoid scratching the pattern. Apply Matt Extra Top to the cured surface of the Extra Top to achieve a matte finish. Do not use the Extra Top No Blue or Brill Top Gel. 

It binds to the air. 4ml.

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