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6D Pre-made 0.05 Volume Fans

6D Pre-made 0.05 Volume Fans

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6D Pre Made Volume Fans are newest generation eyelash extensions to help lash artists to complete volume lash application faster. Why 6D? 6D Volume Fan made from 6 individual extensions and heat bonded at the base.

These pre made fans are made using 100% Synthetic PBT fibre in 0.05 thickness, 400 fans per tray. Heat pre bonded not glue bonded. 

What is the difference between pro made and pre made volume fans is that while both are made into fans, pre made fans are made by manufacturer, whereas pro made fans are entirely made by lash artist. 

Key info:


100% Synthetic PBT Fibre





Pack type:

single length

Lenghts available:


Pack size:

400 fans per tray

Volume fan size:

6 extensions per fan



Made (how produced):


Fan base:

Heat pre-bonded



  • grab pre made volume fan at the base, never pick up at the top of the fan
  • gently lift from the strip and replace on sticky strip, so volume fan its loose and its easier to pick up
  • pre made volume fans require slower drying lash adhesive 
  • pick up more lash adhesive then with hand made volume fans 
  • never use 6D pre made volume fans on thin natural lashes

Benefits Of Pre Made Fans?

  • Saving time- the biggest benefit of Pre Made Volume Fans. These days beauty salons clients want quality and quantity, but they want quick service.
  • Each Volume Fan it is symmetric, very light in weight, which helps to achieve safe mega volume eyelash application.
  • Cost affective- lash artist can complete eyelash application faster and book more clients.




We have diligently crafted the best pre made volume fans for you, so that you can create the best lash designs for your clients.

Our rigorously tested handmade mega volume pre made fans look amazing, but most importantly, protect the lash health of your clients as they have thinner bases without adding strenuous weight to natural lashes.

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