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Pretty In A Minute Classic Flat Iron (100% Blend of Titanium & Ceramic)

Pretty In A Minute Classic Flat Iron (100% Blend of Titanium & Ceramic)

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Pretty in a Minute is proud to present the salon professional styling iron. This professional styling iron has some of the most advanced technology available, incorporating a titanium ceramic heating element, infrared, negative ion technology, and the unique floating plate design for professional and effective results.

This stylish professional iron has a titanium ceramic heating element and can reach an optimal temperature of 450°F 230°C. Not only does it heat up in 10 seconds, but the temperature will remain constant throughout use. Infrared and negative ion Nano silver technology, as well as natural quality of the titanium ceramic will prevent drying and damage to the hair. It helps seal the hair’s natural moisture and essential natural oils. Being small, lightweight and easy to use, the Pretty in a Minute titanium ceramic professional styling tools will give you the ability to create a variety of styles from straightening, curling, waves and even flips.

The Classic 1.25″ Flat Iron is a salon quality tool that will allow you to style like a pro. This product has a ceramic heating system that allows for one-pass styling, saving time. The natural production of negative ions and far infrared rays produced by the ceramic heater prevent hair damage and dryness. Hair is left feeling smoother and  silkier. The Classic 1.25″ Flat Iron is the #1 hair iron used for keratin treatments among professional stylists.

  • 100% Titanium Ceramic floating plates.
  • Ionic nano silver technology kills 99.9% bacteria.
  • Far infra-red technology.
  • Seal and lock in moisture and the hair’s essential oils.
  • Eliminates frizz and fly aways.
  • Promotes smoother, silkier hair.
  • Renews softness, luster and shine.
  • Deep, long-lasting straight or curly hair that retains for days.
  • Reduces the amount of time to achieve professional results.
  • Suitable for all hair lengths and thickness.
  • Heats up in 10 seconds.
  • Sleek, ergonomic design with no-slip grip.


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