“Henna at Home” Kit

“Henna at Home” Kit

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Kit for Henna Brows at home

100% Natural Henna in a capsule 

Lasts 7 days on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hair. Stimulates brow growth!

Patch test required!!! Do a patch test 24hrs before using!


  •  Henna color in the capsule (8 capsules);
  • 5 Micro brushes;
  • Plastic measuring pot;
  • Mixing water for henna;

How to use:

  • Open capsule and pour henna powder into the plastic pot.

  • Mix with Mixing Water. 2:1 mixing ratio. Mix until it’s even paste. Not too liquid and not too dry.
  • Apply on your brows, by making perfect shape that you like. Apply very clean, because if you apply messy it will stain the skin and it will be hard to remove it! Leave it until it dries out. 
  • Very gently remove dry henna of your brows. Remove with wet cotton pad.
  • Keep away from your eyes. 

Store in the dry place.