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How do I achieve the best eyelash retention on oily natural eyelashes?

Our special Pre Treatment cleansing formula gently removes excess sebum from natural eyelashes. Flawless Lashes Pre Treatment, is best to use if eyelashes have low pH, and after cleaning with Foam Cleanser and saline solution. Only use before eyelash extension application or infills.

This Pre Treatment will get rid of sebum residue on the eyelashes, that could cause a weak bond with the eyelash adhesive. It helps to remove excess oils and produce the best results for eyelash retention. Our Pre Treatment is not the same as eyelash primers. It contains less alcohol than usual eyelash primers.

How to use Pre Treatment:

Apply Pre Treatment With 2 mini micro brushes. Apply from the base of the natural lash moving towards the tips.

Why is it so important to understand natural eyelash pH levels? 

Did you know that natural, healthy eyelash pH levels are between 4.5-5.5? Understanding your client's eyelash pH level, will help you to always use the correct products as appropriate and beneficial for each and every client.

When should you use Pre Treatment? 

Pre Treatment is best used on oily natural lashes. Use on dryer lashes (approx 2.5 pH level), could damage eyelashes. 

If a client’s natural eyelash pH level is normal or alkaline (ie. looking dry), it’s enough to use foam cleanser and saline solution alone. But if a client’s natural lashes are acidic and look oily even after cleansing, this is when we would recommend using Pre Treatment. 

In cases of very acidic lashes, do not apply Pre Treatment on both eyes before performing the lash treatment. This is because it can evaporate and eyelash retention won’t be the same in every part of the lash line. 

Generally, we recommend applying Pre Treatment one eye at a time, and in sections on each eye. When you use Pre Treatment, make sure you do not touch the skin, as there is alcohol present, which could dry out or burn the skin. 

Pre Treatment doesn’t work in the same way as glue accelerator.  This is for faster lash application.

Pre Treatment should only be used on natural lashes, not eyelash extensions. 

For professional use only.


Water, Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Allantoin, Methylparaben, CI 42090, Fragrance, Disodium EDTA, Copper Peptide -1

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